There are still moments when you can tell something slips in her brain and another world blinds her to us. But a few words from Finnick can call her back.

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I want to interrupt the taping and beg Finnick’s forgiveness for every false thought I’ve ever had about him.

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Then there’s Finnick Odair, the sex symbol from the fishing district.



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They’re playing a trick on us, it’s not real! It’s not your Annie!

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Catching Fire + Annie mentions

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"I envied you for so long, and look at us now. You have what’s mine, and I have your freedom. Well, I plan to take full advantage of it."

Francis is such a badass… he congratulated Bash and Mary after all they did to him.

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I loved this. 

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That was the best part of the whole episode…

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Reign 1x09: For King and Country

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Reign 1x09: For King and Country

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